I'm smiling on the inside.  Just to the left of my pancreas.

I'm smiling on the inside.  Just to the left of my pancreas.

Oh Hi!  I'm Pamela.

I'm a multidisciplinary - and sometimes interdisciplinary - artist. That's a lot of syllables that basically mean I have a diverse set of skills that I use creatively on various projects. These are mostly live performance/theatre works. I'm an emerging writer/director/creative collaborator.  I'm an established photographer.  I'm an occasional performer, but can only play myself (it requires less memorizing and zero makeup).

I used to work full time in the commercial photographic industry.  Before that, I worked in stage management for various theatre and opera companies across Canada.  I have a BFA in Theatre from UVic and a Photography Diploma from Langara College. 

Oh, and

I'm based in Victoria, British Columbia where I am also a childbirth educator and birth & postpartum doula. Sorry if you had to wade through this whole "creative collaborator" site trying to find a birth helper - that site is over here.

I serve on the board of Impulse Theatre, where I am affectionately (I think..?) referred to as El Prez.

In my free time I like to eat and sleep.  And I like the forest, ocean and dietary restrictions (West Coast residents are mandated by law to state this or we get kicked out).