★★★★/5 stars
Funny and sharply observed, it’s an intelligent and honest look at adolescence
— A. Chamberlain, Times Colonist
...a wonderfully perceptive glimpse into teenhood...
— Janis La Couvée

Production History

Uno Festival 2017

Victoria Fringe Festival 2017

Intrepid Theatre's YOU Show (Workshop), 2015

After the Beep

creator / performer  Pamela Bethel

director  Geoffrey Ewart

dramaturge  Andrew Bailey

design consultant  Erin Macklem

Development supported by Theatre SKAM.

About the ShowI found the cassettes from my very own answering machine I had as a teenager during the early 1990's. Despite the obvious risk of death by embarrassment, I'm sharing this archive of adolescence with live audiences. Part confessional, part show-and-tell, it's an exploration of awkward times revealed by the recorded voices of BFs, BFFs, a frenemy and wrong numbers.

Why I Created This Show:  When I finally got up the nerve to listen to these tapes, I started thinking that I wanted to do something with them, I wanted to share them.  When I started talking about them to anyone who would listen I heard back so many stories about answering machines and other unusual personal archives. The tapes are an unintentional archive; answering machine messages aren't really supposed to be saved.  So they have a beautifully real, unfiltered quality. Personally, I'm desperate for less filtering these days.

We are shaped and forged by all of our experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly...perhaps even more so by the bad and the ugly.  Times of change and evolution are uncomfortable but necessary.  I think about the kinds of mementos we are making these days - what we keep and what we delete.  Are you saving only the pretty pictures?