The novelty of being embedded in a theatrical experience up close in unconventional spaces is carried to unnerving lengths here.
— Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

Production Notes

Nov 24th – Dec 4th 2016

Theatre Yes - Edmonton, Alberta

Audience Members came to the lobby of La Cité Francophone from whence they were (unexpectedly) transported by bus to an industrial space across town.

Theatre Yes in collaboration with Northern Light Theatre (Edmonton), Theatre SKAM (Victoria), Outside the March (Toronto), LoHiFi Productions (Halifax), Curtain Razors (Regina), Théâtre à corps perdus (Montréal)


Theatre Yes, Edmonton

Theatre Yes corralled six companies from across Canada to create this large-scale, immersive theatre experience, threaded together by playwright Cat Walsh.

The Gap - one of six performance installations making up Anxiety

playwrights  Pamela Bethel & Matthew Payne

director  Pamela Bethel

performers Marina Mair Sanchez & Laura Raboud

sound design  Gary Joynes

production design  Brian Bast

presented by  Theatre SKAM

1910. A storm cellar.  Completely alone after a mysterious catastrophe on her farm, Eva has found a strange device…her “little window”. It has become her only “companion”, her only comfort.  it has made her a believer of sorts…and her faith makes her brave.

2040. A bunker near an old farmhouse. Zoe has survived a (literally) earth-shattering disaster.  She reflects on herself before and after the event.  Apparently, an apocalypse can really make you a more confident woman…who knew? She’s also misplaced a really old iPhone…weird…she swears she left it just over there…

Performed in very tight quarters with a visceral soundscape, we’re asked to consider that maybe anxiety is just a time-wasting hassle and actual fear can be a strange and useful gift. Maybe the worst things can forge us into our best selves.

And, obviously, there’s some kind of gap in the space-time continuum going on here.