In that, and all things, will we show our duty.
— Cornelius (with Voltemand), Hamlet (1.2.240)

Production History

Victoria Fringe Festival 2018

Presented as a mini-play at the Belfry Theatre’s Spark Fest 2017.

Cornelius & Titania

or A Tragedy of the Commons (A Comedy)


playwright / director  Pamela Bethel

About the Show:  Meet Cornelius - he’s an unknown courtier in a pretty well-known play called Hamlet…but he only has one line (well, not even…because he shares that line with a guy named Voltemand). So Cornelius always gets cut.

And when he gets cut, he ends up here. With all the other inconsequential characters. He’s here so much, he pretty much runs the place. Some have described it as a “Kafka-esque purgatorial nightmare” but to Cornelius, it’s just another day at the office. Until today.

Today Titania shows up. Yes, THE Titania, Queen of the Fairies from Midsummer Night’s Dream. She never gets cut! Until today. According to this fax that just came through, she’s been replaced by a hologram. She’s pretty sure she can get back though…call in a favour, cast a spell, get her minion fairies to fix it.

Huh. Cornelius wishes he could just wave a magic wand or whatever, but it’s just not really an option for most people.

What follows is a comedy about power, privilege and the age old question - who’s responsible for the dirty dishes in the shared kitchen?

Cast - Victoria Fringe Festival 2018

Cornelius Tallas Munro     Titania Christina Patterson

Cast - Belfry Theatre's Spark Fest 2017

Cornelius Justin Carter     Titania  Sarah Carlé