I know you are but what am I?
— Famous taunt

Production History

Presented as part of Bike Ride in July 2014 (now known as SKAMpede), an outdoor festival of short performances along Victoria’s Galloping Goose multi-use trail.  


Giving Back

playwright / director  Pamela Bethel

performers  Justin Carter and Michelle Morris

Chris has been employed as a canvasser for the ABCD for the last 6 summers.  It’s Kelly’s first week on the job.  Kelly catches Chris using the donations as his own personal Money Mart.  Insisting he always pays it back, he doesn’t see the problem.  Idealistic and full of conviction, Kelly is appalled and tries to convince him otherwise. 

When she threatens to report Chris, a battle for moral high ground ensues. But Kelly isn’t as good as she appears to be – she's got a scheme on the go as well…and it just might be worse than stealing.

If you’ve ever actively avoided an activist carrying a clipboard…this won’t discourage you next time.  A comedy about love, charity and moral relativism.